Oct 2, 2011

Shanghai Tang

Boring life, I wish I lived in a city that is 24/7 inspirational. As times like these, super busy at work M-F, experiencing caffeine withdrawal on weekends, I don't really have the strength to drain my brain even more on a beauty product review. I miss Shanghai, I really missing living there and being inspired no matter where we go.

Day to night-  Traditional to modern-  I love Shanghai and miss every minute living there. The city is so energetic yet a great balance between traditional Beijing and busy as hell my home Hong Kong.  Furthermore, the reason why I miss it so much is because it rarely is one of the few places that I truly felt content living in. The history, the local people, the vivid compliment of skyscrapers and old streets, the comparison between old and new Shanghai lifestyle. I love stalling around the city and casually be inspired. I am already planning to move my ass there once I am jobless lol. I know a few pictures cannot conclude all my feelings but I'd like to share my love for it with all of you.

日與夜-  傳統與現代- 我真的很愛上海也想念住在上海的每一分每一秒。整個城市永遠充滿活力,但同時是傳統北京和繁華香港一個很好的平衡。喜歡沒事走上街頭輕鬆找靈感,她是我少數住過讓我心靈時常感覺充實的一個地方,她的歷史,民居,高樓大廈與舊街強烈的映襯,新舊生活品味的對比,都是讓我想念她的原因。希望不久的將來有機會搬過去生活吧!

上海,很快我們會再見的 , my beloved city!
P.S. Check out my bestie's blog at http://teditsuruda.tumblr.com

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