Jan 30, 2011

Biore Black Nose Strips (Nipponia Resort Tropical Floral Edition) Review

It's almost Chinese New Year and I am Super excited! Following the old traditional we are suppose to clean our house, 送舊迎新 - get rid of the old to welcome the new! I thought it'd be a perfect timing for my pores to follow me and do the same wtf. To be honest I only do nose strips once every .. perhaps 2 months?

Prettiest packaging ever - you know how much I love hawaiian prints!!
Azaleas and Plumeria <3
Make sure to put on a bare face, otherwise it wouldn't work well.
wait for 10 - 15 minutes.

Basically its the same as other Biore nose strips but looks and smell wayyy better lol... and it's black - so for freaks like me to get a better sensation because the 'dirt' comes out on the strip is easier to be seen. Azaleas and Plumeria - they have different scents and smell amazing on.

Give your face a little clean up once in awhile so that skincare and makeup will go on much better :)

I am having an awesome weekend so far. Snowboarding yesterday and Chinese New Year dinner at Chinatown with the fam tonight. I will be saying a lot of 恭喜發財s to collect my youth funds (pocket money that is~). And next weekend? New York City! My best friend is visiting from Hong Kong. Hope you have a good one as well <3

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