Jan 12, 2011

The Face Shop Pomegranate Fine Foam Facial Cleaner Review

Whoa my last cleansing routine has lasted me a good amount of time and I didn't even know I haven't purchased a new cleanser for such a long time if I am not blogging! I picked up the Promegranate Fine Foam Facial Cleanser from The Face Shop back in late November from the same trip I purchased my Inglot Eyeshadow Palette from New York. I was specifically looking for a foam cleanser since they clean the best, but at the same time mild and moisturizing because I really hate the streakiness of some of the foam cleansers I have used. The staff recommended me this :)

The Face Shop Pomegranate Fine Foam Facial Cleaner 
A delicately foaming cleanser with botanical extracts and power througoutly removes unwanted oil, dirt and makeup, leaxving skin perfect clean and soft. 
Pomegrante, Rooibos and Japanese extracts help norish and soften skin for a silky texture.

As you can see, the form is super fine. I think I took too much already. This is probably one of the foam cleansers that doesn't give me the dryness I hate. My face feels really clean but at the same time so supple and plump. Ah I love it!

I highly recommend this to you if you're looking for a cheap foam cleanser (~$10) that does its job and not dry your skin out.

Question now: What is your favourite form of cleansers? What is your favourite and what are you currently using?

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