Jan 22, 2011

Updates on Life already (Birthday, Love Package & Snowboarding)

I am so happy at the moment so I decided to dedicate this moment to blogging (wtf). I have been really really lame and haven't done much since 2011 started. Getting too tied down by work and coming home with a mind that's half exploded, I barely have a moment sitting down to just watch tv and eat trash (aka chocolate fingers, hostess cupcakes, wantwant snow crisps rice crackers...). At this moment of a quite Saturday afternoon, I slightly recalled bombarding you with some food posts so here's what I am going to do - some food pictures, some updates on life, and then I realized I didn't have much of a life besides snowboarding since 2011-_-

Yesterday was one of my best friends Godfrey's birthday and we tried to look for the best in town of course. He is a baller he even got himself an Audi A5 for his birthday haha.

 I adrore this car! Especially the inside of it with the 3D navigation system!

900 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199

We have meant to try this place for the longest time because it's literally across the street from where Godfrey works and 5 minutes from where I live. 
We had a great time there despite that chitty chatty 45 mins wait even with reservation. Seriously what was up with that?

lobster wood grilled pizza. baby red mustard greens & meyer lemon. SO GOOD!

g & j’s mushroom duxelles w/scallion & fresh homemade cheese. SO GOOD TOO!
foie gras seared w/ white pepper.. roasted grape risotto.
Just okay.
nova scotia lobster chowder w/ angel biscuit.
Looks really good but it SUCKS! The bisque tastes like carrot soup.
The lobster and fish are so tasteless-__-

Super cute chandelier above us with many guys holding hands floating
Happy dinner :)
Surprise!! Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday my dear,
though everyone is somewhere else in the world
we are still here celebrating with you in Boston :D
Random moment in life:
Love Package sent by mom <3
Chinese New Year decorations XD
So Chinese
In the letter she wrote, "I am so happy that you're turning 21! (which is NOT true-_-) It's year of rabbit and I wish you're happier, more energetic, healthier, even more blessed than last year.. By the way tell your boyfriend I said hi (Any one)" what the heck, mom?? So I called her right away and she said "how do I know who you're dating right now.. Maybe you've switched again" -_- Thanks, mom.


I am definitely getting a lot better but yet still a super newbie. After a super duper embarrassing moment falling off from a lift, I am very determined to at least be able to board without falling. I even got my own gear HAHA and have been going every weekend *super determined eyes

I hope you enjoy reading this random post! Please feel free to let me know if you like/dislike these kind of posts. Have a marvelous weekend!

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