Feb 23, 2011

Innocent face?

Myth: Ulzzang wanna be *vain
Truth: Just wanted to use up my Bobbi Brown Longwear Eyeliner in Black Ink

Super elongated straight down eyeliner + lower eyeliner smudges on the outer corners
= purposely makes eyes droopy to look innocent wtf

See what I mean? So innocent! (wearing Geo Angel Grey here)
K I am going to vomit my lungs out now-_-

I think at least it doesn't make me look as bitchy as having cateyes. What do you think? I used the night portrait mode on my camera and the pictures turned out so yellow. I kinda like it tho. Oh my freaking eyebags...

Sorry for the lack of posts. I really don't have much time to sit down and blog (because I am busy eating ice cream). I was debating if I should make a post of this or not for awhile but I figured "something" is better than "nothing", right?

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