Dec 4, 2011

Nars Danmari All About Cheek Palette Review + FOTD

This palette was undoubeledly one of the most anticipated products from my Sephora F&F sale haul from last month (video HERE) First off I don't have a lot of Nars products and secondly I was looking for a travel palette. This seems perfect because it not only contains Orgasm (review HERE), but also a highlight color, a contour color and 3 other blushers.

Each color is 0.12 Oz. which is 3/4 compared to a regular size 0.16 Oz Nars product which retails for $27. The Danmari palette retails for $65. You do the math. I got it for 20% off which is about $52. That's the price for less than 2 blushers.

 If you saw the Nars deal on you could even get it for $40 because they posted a deal you pay $50 for $80 worth of Nars products. Another $10 off for anything over $20. A total steal!

Hungry Heart Duo III | Orgasm | Desire
Casino | Super Orgasm | Sin

Hungry Heart Duo III - This color looks great from far away, however contains micro gold flecks that I personally am not a big fan of (unless you want to look like a disco ball from the 70s wtf). It might be better to be used on the inner corners of the eyes or as eyeshadows. See picture above.

Orgasm - Needless to say, one of my favourite blushes of all times. Great for everyday and is suitable for all skintones. Separate review and in action HERE.

Desire - Very pigmented blush and need a very light hand to apply. It gives a nice flush like you just worked out. I am dabbing the tiniest amount and using it in the pictures below.

Casino - For me its looks like browner version of Benefit Hoola except it is not as pigmented and finely milled. It however is very buildable and stays on nicely for hours. See pictures for reference.

Super Orgasm - Another great brush that would not be as versatile as Orgasm because of its glitters. However I should be able to consume a lot of it during the holiday seasons and Chinese new years wtf.

Sin - The color is not as dark as in the pan and actually goes on as a darker plummy pink color. This plummy blusher would be great for the ashy tons shadow that are frequently worn during winter. 

Now FOTD using Hungry Heart Duo III as highlight on cheek bones, Casino as contouring bronzer & Desire as blush. 

To sum up,  I like everything about this palette. I just wish that they would only include a more versatile highlight color instead of HHDIII. Also, aren't Orgasm or Super Orgasm included in most Nars palettes already? But all in all I love this and will definitely get a lot of use out of this especially during my time overseas in the upcoming months.

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