Aug 20, 2011

How to Depot Eyeshadows into a Clutch Wallet

It looks good, I know. Just kidding! Depotting eyeshadows is actually so much easier than I thought. I stumbled up some random video on youtube years ago and decided to take on the challenge myself. 

What you need - 
Painting Spatula for digging up the eyeshadows from their own pans
Push Pins are great alternatives if you do not have a spatula
Rubbing Alcohol for rubbing off the glue + sipping underneath eyeshadows for easier depotting
Q-tips for applying rubbing alcohol on the bottom of the eyeshadows + to press down eyeshadows when 'accidents' happen that eyeshadows break during depotting 
School Glue for gluing eyeshadows down to the clutch wallet - I wanted something stable enough but not permanent for future rearrangements. You can pick a stronger glue if you are to make a permanent arrangement.
Clutch Wallet of your choice - Get them from F21/Target/Anywhere that sell cheap clothing for about $5-$15. Get mine from Claire's for $4!!
Tips -
1) The depth of the clutch wallet chose has to be deep enough on both side for eyeshadows to sit in 
2) Leave space on the opposite side for the metal part for closure 
3) Write down names of eyeshadows for future references

Easy Steps -
1) Cut useless extra compartments out from the wallet clutch
2) Use spatula or push pins to dig out eyeshadows. While most eyeshadows are pretty easier to be detached from their own pans, we might need to press alcohol wetted Q-tips on the corners of the eyeshadows for an easier removal process.
3) Make arrangement for fitting
4) Glue eyeshades down (don't forget about Tip #2)

Watch my video if you're lazy to read :P

The best feeling is to recycle all these chucky useless plastic containers! Hope you all like this simple tutorial and are having a great weekend!

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