Aug 14, 2011

California Trip - Coastal Scenes! (and my fav. spot in LA)

Driving down from SF to Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara to Malibu to Santa Monica, its good to see this side of California away from the crazy scenes in Vegas and jammed traffic everywhere in LA. I love spending time visiting one place- I am the type of girl who'd rather visit a local coffee shop than spending 5 hours visiting 10 touristy spots.

Kicking off our road trip from SF, our 1st stop is Santa Cruz. Winnie, y u no take pictures/ Then to the beautiful Santa Barbara for a late lunch..

Not gonna provide the restaurant's address because the food was just average (though look good!). If you are curious, this place is called Pascucci which is located on the main street in Santa Barbara along with many other shops and right next to this awesome Vans X Hello Kitty.
Malibu, has a special place in my heart because the imaginary Iron Man house is there... we saw nothing like that because all the more expensive houses probably have the highest privacy and not allow to be seen from the main road. Passing Santa Monica we are back to Rodeo Drive in LA. 

Now Introducing my favourite place out of the entire city of LA for the perfect sunday brunch,

The Camp,
2937 S Bistrol Street, 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Outdoor seatings with a good mix of hip restaurants and shopping. Decorations are just as the name - the Camp. Everything is so chill and funky and I adore the cactus design on top of all the garbage bins! We chose Taco Asylum for a bite. Don't forget to check out their website for awesome food pictures Here..
(Photo Credits for both pictures above - Taco Asylum website)
Ah I adore everything there!!! The environment, the food, the atmosphere... this place has officially stolen my heart Im telling you! So bad I had to experience everything with my half opened still swollen eyes due to prior allergies. HAHA at my retarded face and my bestie's spongebob face!
7290 Beverly Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Lastly how could I leave you without teasing you with desserts? This is a mint chocolate macaron. So amazingly good! Go to MILK's website (Here) if you wanna scream more.

You can read more about Palm Springs Here, LA Here and SF Here. I always found it carefree to visit California. Ticket prices are usually reasonable. Absolutely love going to California to *HEA (Canto slang = Stalling)!

What about you? Where is your to go travel places to do nothing and be a pig :P?
P.S. Let me know if you like the new header!

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