Aug 4, 2011

Go Red Sox!

Once you're part of my blogger world you're in! In my Aries world you're either my lover or my enemy wtf. So while I am laying my laziness ass at a Gloucester beach (East-est of Massachusetts), I am delivering you the sporty side of me. Told ya you are my lover.

Growing up in Hong Kong where less than 1% of the population cares about baseball - the 1% are people from the US who have escaped to Hong Kong scaring of the national debt wtf. It was my first baseball game and we had so much fun!

The oldest Major League Baseball stadium currently in use -
Fenway Park
From not knowing a damn thing about baseball to actually enjoying the game. From seeing Fenway Park dawning to brightening up. We had a perfect time! So much fun and I would love to go see another game anytime soon!

Are you a sports fan? What do you enjoy watching the most?

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