Aug 10, 2011

MAC Follow Your Fantasy Eyeshadow Review

I always look for MAC eyeshadows at CCOs (Cosmetics Company Outlets). After picking up Inter-view (Read more Here), I unknowingly picked up another Fard √† Paupi√®res eyeshadow, which came out a limited edition eyeshadow around Christmas time 2010 in the Tartan Tale collection -

I was drawn to the beautiful checkers design. Unlike Chanel Tweed Blushers though, this collection of checkered eyeshadows only have patterns on the very thin top layers. It means that the pattern will be swiped away after a few of use. Maybe I could use it as a blush when the pattern is gone (*think too much -_-)

Debating between A Wish Comes True (a plummy bronzy pink) and this, I decided to choose this one because I was once again thinking it could be a more versatile everyday base color. The color is soft and smooth, but has noticeable fallouts, which I don't mind. Here is the swatch above without & without a primer - It's not pigmented as many MAC eyeshadows for sure. However I kinda like it as an underneath sheen. I  don't mind eyeshadows that are buildable yet can be worn alone as is. 

See what I mean? Say yes la wtf. I am swatching it on my eyes without primer. I really enjoy the chanpaign sheen to it. With the price tag of $10.25 at CCOs, I am still more than satisfied with my purchase. Just not sure if it's more designated to be a coral blusher, just kidding.

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