Aug 26, 2010

New Hair Color | Liese Bubble Color in Glossy Brown Review

Prettia Bubble Hair Dye (Glossy Brown)
My hair was probably closest to the middle color
Tools that come with,
hair dye, bubble making bottle, gloves, after dye conditioner
see the roots that needed to be fixed?

Roots are fixed
Whole hair is brightened up
*sorry for the messy hair
((Perfect for newbies like me!))
True to color
Super easy to apply
Evenly coated without much skills
Fun to use

Hair texture is significantly worse (more matte and drier)

I wanted to brighten up my current hair color without having an extremely makeover. Choosing between Glossy Brown and Marshmallow Brown, I decided to give Glossy Brown a try because its slightly more of a red tone than an orange/yellow one. Its $17 on IMomoko. I got the shipment within a week!

What more can I say? If you have shiny healthy hair to begin with, and want to try changing your color, it is an inexpensive way to get your hair look "professionally done". Though its not me, and my hair looks worse after that, I will probably repurchase because it is SO fun to play with the bubbles and they really work magic.


  1. Pretty color! I tried this (in a different color) and really liked the bubbly action too. *^_^* I agree with you though that it doesn't exactly leave your hair in the best state after wards.

  2. I always want to try those bubble hair color,lol

    I think the color looks great.

  3. you have super pretty long hair! i always find it hard to maintain and go for the snip XD

    the hair colour looks really good on you!

  4. haha i literally just tried this after i bought it on sale at mitsuwa...
    i just washed it out :) i have virgin hair so i cant wait to see what the color comes out like (dried) lol

  5. That's looks like an excellent product but... i already have dry hair so i guess this won't be the best product to use!
    thank you for the review! Your hair looks really nice colour though!

  6. yay nice review and evenly colored!
    one bottle to cover your whole long glory crown?

    cheers~ i just did my hair also..
    landed with a BIG FAT BILL for being impulsive

    well all for prefall hairdo :D

  7. That hair colour looks great on you! :)

  8. omg i love you! I've been searching up reviews for either palty or bubble hair dye and my wish is granted :)
    thanks Winnie!

  9. oo it seems quite easy ! i always thought it was such a hassle doing things like these at home but hmm maybe ill look into it! :) x

  10. You have so much hair! The length and color is beautiful on you.

  11. Cool, where did you get this hair dye from?

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