Aug 13, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Color Gleam Cream Shadow in 25 Neutral Liasons

in 25 Neutral Liaisons
pearly cream color / slight frosty shimmery beige / opaque brown

Swatches on hand

Acoording to Maybelline...

Why you'll love it:
  • Cream formula contains ultra-reflective mica, which attracts and refracts light
  • Most intense color saturation with illuminating shine
  • Formula glides on without creasing
For best results:
  • Use fingers to apply the lightest shade on the inside corner of eyes and below the brow line.
  • Apply the darkest shade across the lid and in the outer crease.
  • Dab the medium shade from inner corner to mid lid. Blend up and out fading color toward the brow bone and crease.
  • For maximum pop, line lightly under eyes with the medium shade.

- super quick for a natural smokey look
- glowy finish
- convenient, comes with a nice combination of colors to provide a finish look only by using it
- no brushes needed
- very blendable
- very affordable (US$6)

- crease relatively easy (primer needed)
- packaging is very plasticy

My thoughts...
Been using the Shu Uemura cream shadows and looking for alternatives, this trio of cream shadows in neutral shades is somewhat what I was looking forward to purchase. To be straight up honest, this is nowhere comparable to high(er) end products. It does crease and fade throughout the day but it doesn't bother me that much since I only have semi oily lids and I do use it sometimes without a primer, but for your oily lids ladies out there this might not be for you. I wish the color was a little more intense. The packaging is nice but it feels very plasticy to me though nothing is functionally wrong. But for $6-8, I do recommend it. Its quick and very blendable even without using a brush. Its pigmented and elegant for a fast smokey look.


  1. I like the color combo on this one. It is so me! Thanks for the follow, hun. I followed you as well :)

  2. i'm not into dark eyeshadows, so this is so perfect:D thanks for the review!

    i am now your newest follower. come and check out my blog:D follow me too? thank you!


  3. these look so pretty on your eyes :) love these neutrals!

  4. These are so pretty!
    Thanks for the review...I was curious about them

  5. neutral-color eyeshadow never falls out. This one seems a really good one =)!

    I tried revlon cream eyeshadow palette before, really pigmented and nice colors, but the cream eyeshadow ceases like crazy ><

  6. this is such a pretty palette. i love the bronze eotd on you! i wish they had better deals in japan like US haha

  7. This post is so help to me! Thanks for share.


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