Aug 30, 2010

Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge Collection

After viewing the scenery of Paris at the Church of Sacred heart in Montmartre, the walk down the famous Moulin Rouge. Though there is no chance to enjoy a musical, we cannot help but stop and look up the big red windmill. Fantasy. Rachel is singing and dancing in the Moulin Rouge, where the actors are beautifully swinging their bodies with the passionate music. The art of opera is a pleasant thing, as well as where the Make Up For Ever MOULIN ROUGE ® Collection is seamlessly inspired.

Pput on false lashes
Shimmering shadows on 2/3 of the lid
put on gems to make eyes sparkle
peach blusher
red lip liner to line lips
then lipstick
False Lashes
Moulin Rouge Crystal Gems
Rouge Artist Lipstick
Glossy Full Couleur Lipgloss

I was speechless when I first saw these pictures on CosmogirlHK. The collection includes glitters and sparkles for the eyes and true bright red shares for the lips. It is a beautiful connection inspired by the colors of the famous cabaret by Dani Sanz, the creator of Make Up For Ever, and Janet Pharaoh, the ballet mistress from Moulin Rouge. The pictures are such great examples to overthrow the idea of this collection is too much for us to handle. The Asian model looks bomb and elegant, what do you think?


  1. The Asian model looks absolutely stunning. What a great post.. I loveeee her look.

  2. I think this looks awesome! The asian model looks sooo pretty! What a way to get people to buy your products right? lol

  3. I love the look!! especially the red lip!

  4. That is amazing! The asian model looks so stunning.

  5. The model has gorgeous lips! The gloss looks really pigmented.

  6. Wow, what gorgeous photos!!
    I will definitely have to try a few items from this collection. I've actually never tried MUF, but really should get on it, as I've heared wonderful things.

  7. Gorgeous!! Really love this collection!

  8. Omg, crazy beautiful XD I had no clue there was an HK edition of Cosmogirl. Very cool!

  9. I love the bling in this collection.. except I am not one to pull of those red hot lips.

    As for the LM tinted moisturizer.. I think the lighter one you are talking about is extra moisturizing and not the oil free one. I tend to have oily/combination skin so I know exactly what you mean by not long lasting. If you get a chance you should stop by sephora and ask them for a sample of the oil free I mentioned in my post and try it out ^_^ It should work better for our type of skin. hehe

  10. This is a lovely look. I am always hesitant on wearing reds but this picture makes me want to go and buy red lipsticks!!

    follow back?

  11. Thanks everyone for the comments :D

  12. it looks nice..I saw the lip stick at Sephora but i'm not sure about the rest of the products


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