Mar 3, 2011

Hot Pot VIP Status

I am an extremely boring person when it comes to cooking. I like good food but am always too lazy to put any effort into what I cook. And what to complain when your other half appreciates the fact that you save the time prepping and cooking in the kitchen to actually do something meaningful with life, such as blogging?

Weirdest thing happened I have grown to love all soupy stuff. I basically eat anything in the soup form, besides mice and cats wtf. When I was in Beijing, my friend and I literally went to get hotpot everyday since it is sooooo cheap. Two of us would pay about US$6 a day and have a full table with pounds of meat, veggies, clear noodles...
Before we left for the States of course we had to take a picture with nothing famous but the ICON of the hotpot place we went to everyday LOL We went to often that later on they let us skip the line and have seats once we walked in *Hot Pot VIP Status*
Hot pot is the best invention in the human history. A good alternative is to have shabu shabu, one person per pot, if you think that it's gross to share one huge pot. But to be honest, everything would be cooked thoroughly in the pot before you eat. If you are worried, maybe you should think from the beginning -  why would you even agree to go get hotpot with someone who you don't want to share your life with wtf.

Okay enough talking, here is what I eat (almost everyday) -
If you are lazy like me of course you can use an instant soup base. 
Once its boiling, just throw in whatever you have in the fridge.
Protein from tofu, fiber from veggie,  iron from meat, little to almost no oil from the soup base. Finish your meal with some fruit. You are what you eat.

Living on my own, food is sparse wtf. Hot Pot is the easiest and most time efficient meal ever.
Try it if you haven't!
Randomness on top of randomness. I (sorta) cleaned my room tonight.

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