Jul 15, 2010

Essie Playa Del Platinum

Yay! found my perfect taupe grey! a perfect match for all the light neutrals i like to wear for the summer. its also a nice alternative when im tired of my nude OPI mr and mrs.

Essie Resort Collection 2010 - Playa Del Platinum

What is your fav taupe grey or neutral?


  1. OMG! 8D
    This is definatly going on my must-have list ;D

  2. I love it! How many coats did you have to apply to get that degree of opacity?

    I have also been looking for a gray (for Fall though). Too many bright colors for me to try during the summer : )

  3. Nice! I don;t haev any greys because all the ones I find are too dark and end up making my fingers looking dead lol.

    I'm not skilled at all when it comes to painting, I just wipe off the edges after they dry. shhhhh

    xo, Diana

  4. I never considered grey before, but it looks great!

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  6. Grey is adorable, but i prefer natural one :)

  7. I've never tried grey! But this is such a nice colour! Gonna get me some gray ones too...


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