Jul 7, 2010

July 4th Weekend in Canada - Day 2 Markham also

We woke up debating if we should hit downtown Toronto. But we were like behh its our vacation (actually just a long weekend) we should just take it slow and eat more (how I mostly spend my holiday).
Arrived at the famous Pacific Mall right at 11am because we were intimidated by the traffic claimed to be horrible on weekends.
A random white dude dressed like a dinosaur, with ears and a huge tail wth

Typical azn scene, tons of people gather to stare at the mall tv because FIFA was on.
Go Germany! 4-0 Argentina..(and of cause I was one of them)

Top floor of the mall. four booths in total i think? But seriously they have Everything!
Me anxiously waiting for my heavy chinese food breakfast!
happily sipping my iced cold chrysanthemum tea that was free of charge when food is purchased

Best Beef Briskets had in years! soooo tender and juicy!
Probably the best dish of the trip (yet found at a mall..what?!)

Also bought the most abc thing ever lol
Sweer and Sour Pork

Beard Papa's next door for desert after breakfast
I have never had beard papas before! how sad they were in every mtr station in hk. I also thought the name is bread paps for the longest time -_- noob
The cream inside is so light! Yummy

As walking around Pacific Mall, we saw..
t-shirt print. cute

noodle making sifu
too ridiculously pricey japanese snakes

Before heading to our next stop, why would I let go of the opportunity to get a cup of bubble teas since we were at a supreme azn mall. This store called Serissa offers traditional flavors fusion bubble teas. I got the new featured one Winter Melon. It says to reduce heat and detox bad air from your body. Not sure how well itd do to me, it tasted superb!

Next stop - T&T Supermarket.
and they are not lying. it literally is a SUPERmarket.

From chasiu to fan, from cooked sungs to pastries
Anything you imagine you can find in there!

They even sell a crazily good variety of seafood there.
Even saw my fav razor clams! So fresh!
Two chinese guys picking the king of lobsters
look how big that is!?

What did I get? something abnomal of course.
White fungus & Papaya syrup
Havent had this for agessss! OMG so good and its very good for the skin too
DVD store next door
Lol chinese people being optimistic about the economy.
tough times and entertainment can coexist lmao
Splendid China Tower Mall meant to compete with Pacific Mall
FAIL its dead inside
Tea time! Fried chicken fried rice from Market Village which is right next to Pacific Mall
chicken was half fried half baked love it!
but the best part is reserved for the fried rice on the bottom topped with the perfect chicken sauce
After that, we were sick of doing nothing and eating too much. so, we pushed it to the next level by going back to our room and enjoyed our in room jacuzzi for awhile while watching tv.

Before we went to bed for real, we headed off to Go For Tea for late night snacks
we imagined the name orginated from hey lets go for tea.
the place is nice for gatherings. food is decent.
argh I wish there was a place like this to chill in Boston

Mango cheesecake
Apple and Aloe drink
Fried vermicelli

A good meal to end our night :D
Ready to do see the downtown the following day!


  1. Your posts about Toronto is actually very helpful hehe because I am planning to move here after I finish year 12...
    Your holiday seems very fun and the food looks delicious!! >O<

  2. Lovely post! "Splendid china tower - FAIL" haha its so true!! The business there is dead. Anyways I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Toronto! Ps. thanks for your sweet comments :)

  3. Pacific Mall yay! T&T is the best asian market I've been to, I love going there.

  4. LOL...just happend to click on a blog...then i clicked on your photo...then i see your t.o post...why do i feel i have been there before...gahhh T.o is sooo fun...and your right boston does not have shit!!!!! hates it here


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