Jul 1, 2010

Gotta love our hands~ Sally Hansan Two Step Renewel System

Sally Hansan Salon Hand Care Two Step Renewal System For Hands
  1. Soothing Scrub - Olive & Spearmint exfoliants with moisturising Almond & Grape Seed oils
  2. Firming Hand Creme SPF20 with Keratin & Collagen Formula
Just attracted by the SPF and Collagen content in the cream. the formula is like a regular body scrub and just not as moisturizing not as good as any Crabtree & Evelyn hand scrub..But i really like the hand creme, not only it provides collagen to really soften the skin and SPF 20 for sun protection, it is also not greasy and pretty long-lasting. its not as heavy as other so its very good for summer time. its tiny so i just toss it into the purse and bring it to work.

Heading off to Toronto tomorrow morning to see my best friend of the whole world! yay
Have a fun weekend <3


  1. woohoo ur coming to toronto! :D i live in a town called Markham that is very close to toronto! let me know how you like it here :D

    and thanks for sharing your experience with me on the confidence issue, it does help me understand more :)

    have an awesome weekend!

  2. hello! you've been awarded on my blog! =) please check it out!

  3. havent used any of sally hansans products yet
    thank you for the review ^^

  4. thank you for the review dear :)


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