Jun 29, 2010

Take a look at my new apt :D

Hellooooo omg been so busy.

As many of you might already know, I got a job. I had my second day of work today. Really enjoy the stress-free environment. Its like going to a state university all over again besides actually getting paid to do this. On site parking and cafeteria... 24/7 emloyees accessed gym and shower on the top floor of the building with alternative yoga pilates and fitness classes. everything is very systematic. people are super nice. I set my own schedule so i can even work 5pm-12am if i wanted to. 0 complains.

But as many of you might not know, I also just moved into a new apt recently. I moved out from my college town straight to the city. I found this place when I was still jobless. Its only a room on the top floor of a very old house but I can have the choice of parking my car right outside or taking the subway which is only a 3 min walk away. (which is rarely found near boston). I finally (kinda) unpacked everything hence I thought itd be a good time to show you some of it.

Tada! picture time - dont expect anything fancy because I am just a poor newly grad :)

A corner of where all my stuff is.
Loving the sunroof provides extra lighting.

Along one side of the walls, I still havent figured how to decorate the window.
below is my very limited shoe collection.

My not-matching-blanket-and-bedsheet-but-its-ok-caz-im-only-staying-here-temporarily bed with vaulted ceilings and a third tiny window.

Perfect rounded cactus from Ikea. Oh i love!

Back to pic no.1 corner.
My about the same size makeup and skincare collections

Paintings done over the years that havent to be put up just yet

And any suggestions for decorating my place, my artsy people?

Bed time for me already. hehee work hard play hard sleep Very hard (my wish).


  1. ooh nice new apartment and congrats on that job :D your paintings look great!

    i'm jealous of your huge bed!

  2. nice apt, I always want to keep the top floor room for myself and love the sunroof.

    I think you should find a small desk or vanity( from craiglist )and put it in front of the window, you know, you want the natural light to do your makeup,and I think you will feel more comfortable this way than sitting on the floor to do your skin care and makeup.

    Cong for your new job, it's good to hear that, sweetie, I hope you doing great, and stay awesome, stay positive, have fun and good luck!

  3. Your apartment looks so cozy.

  4. Looks nice and cozy. The sleeping area looks nice :D And awesome paintings <3

  5. I love the bed area... looks very dreamy... <3

  6. you have a very nice apartment lovely! :)
    i love the bed area! it's so pretty :)
    haha yeah i still regret not giving the blonde guy a chance. maybe i'll see him again some time in the future :)
    hope u had a wonderful weekend lovely!

  7. very cute! hmm i wonder if this was the same apt i was looking at? lol

  8. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! It looks so cozzy and comfy! Congrratssss :)

  9. Wow gorgeous room! love the angles in your room

  10. Hey! I just found your blog through some links - it's so pretty! I just became your newest follower :) I also have a blog about beauty, if you're interested it's: Click&Make-Up!

    Your room is really pretty, I love attic rooms. Looking forward to more of your posts =)
    Kat x

  11. love the apt, it has a very homie feel, especially the white on white look gives it a modern serene sophistication! your job sounds fantastic! What industry??

  12. congrats on your new job and your new apartment :) what is that blue shark looking thing in the first photo? its so cute!

  13. Best of luck on your new job and place, lots of potential :). Have a great day :)

  14. @ Linda: that'd be funny lol
    @ Kat O: I will definitely check your blog out soon :)
    @ peachcharm: The blue shark looking thing is my new hamper I bought from target. Mad cute, isnt it?

  15. @Winnie* I was wondering, where do you get your laptop holder? hehe be awsome if u knew the name so i could search for it on ebay!

    You bed area looks so fab! So dreammy!

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