Jun 16, 2010

Bobbi Brown Empties

 Summer is the season we do a lot of traveling and these are perfect!

Inspired by Bobbi's passion for organization and portability. Use this set of lightweight bottles and jars to custom-fill your skincare favorites. Set includes 0.1 oz. jar, 2-0.24 oz. jars, 1 oz. bottle, 0.5 oz. bottle, plastic funnel, plastic spatula and 10 self-adhesive labels, pre-printed and blank to record contents.

especially love the tiny funnel and spatula, so cute and useful!
look at how tiny the funnel is!

comes with stickers conveniently for labeling different bottles and plenty name-our-own ones

If your looking for empties like these, this set is perfect and only $10!


  1. This set is really useful...I also really like atomizers too, serves the same functions--but for perfume ^^

  2. the price is perfect! Sounds like a lot of traveling planned for you =)

  3. that is a really good deal. i might get me a set of those!

  4. this set is pretty cute! seems really great for traveling!
    and thank-you for the kind words darling :D exams are over now though :D yayayayayay. i can finally breathe properly hahaha :)
    hope you've had an awesome week


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