Jun 25, 2010

Revlon Beyond Natural Eyepencils + Makeup Remover Towelettes

Hi girls what is up? I know I have been MIA for more than a week but I am back! It was crazy last week cuz I got 4 interviews lined up back to back. Good news is I finally landed an pretty awesome job, first job ever haha I am very happy :) I am very thankful that last month of hard work of applying for trillions of jobs has paid off, and for once I can afford to pay rent and spend my own money.
furthermore, I know my parents will be very proud *asiann

Anyway I am back! I have so much to blog about but we've got to take it slow right? I am going away in a week to Toronto. We have got a Marriott in downtown Markham with king sized bed and jacuzzi in the room for 2 nights. its going to be nuts! I cant wait! then we will go down to montreal for another night. so if you live around the areas, I NEED RECOMMENDATIONS of where to go! Esp cute restaurants and shopping places. Many many thanks <3

I also moved to an apt of which a rite-aid is just down the street! I wanted to see if they had any cheap small eyeliners and makeup remover wipes I could bring along for my trip and guess what I have found!

Revlon Beyond Natural Eyepencils
in 08 Plumberry / Prune and 10 Dark Brown / Brun fonce

Swatches accordingly

They are surprising sooo creamy pigmented! I always prefer brown liners over black I just think they look better on me than black. They are so tiny too lol cute and perfect for trips

then onto the wipes

this is after one swipe! it removes absolutely everything after two swipes. the only thing I dont like about it is that it doesnt smell like pomegranate as it claims. liars

Whats even better about them is all of them are 75%off at rite-aid. so if you want to check out a few of them you should really run and get some before they are out of stock!

Lastly, an interview look couple days ago with Revlon Colorstay lipstick in Peach

will update soon i promise! enjoy the nice weather <3


  1. u looks so pretty on this pic's :)

  2. eyeliner pencils always smear on me even if I blend and set them...

    Congrats on finding a job!!! =)

  3. the lipstick is a gorgeous colour!
    i do love revlon. may have to try these out :)

  4. Congrats on the job! I know what you mean about the parents >_<. I'm going to Toronto next week too and I'm also staying in the Markham area!

    I'm not sure if Icing is still having the nail polish sale. Regular price for the set is $16, so it's still a pretty good deal and I think they usually have the buy one get one 50% deal going on.

    xo, Diana

  5. I prefer brown liners over black too because it has a more natural look and less bold. They look so tiny!! I have to check them out next time I go to a drugstore.


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