Jun 3, 2010

Current Fav Masks

Scary, uh? Hahahahahahhaa Sorry I didnt mean to scare you! i love this picture

I use a lot of paper masks. they are so convenient. In my opinion, paper masks arent that different after all but they are essential to keep our skin hydrated, brightened, nourished and clarifed. No instant result is seen after using one paper mask. its not magic but more of a habit (a good one yay).

I consumed quite a lot of paper masks during winter time because the New England weather is just soo dry, even 3 or 4 per week? My skin barely survives. Not so much in the summer, maybe once every 2 weeks or so? I am lazy and I dont want to be greasy (rhyming? FAIL)

I love having paper masks on. its so relaxing. Though I need to make sure I dont watch something funny, they would slide when I move my face too much :)

Here are what my current fav ones:

My Beauty Diary
Need not to say much. Lots of "flavors", pretty good quality yet cheap, my fav one is chocolate!

Skinfood Fruit series
natural, moisturize and brighten skin, also has peach and other flavors
Unknown Korean brand
the cheapest, have five different types (blue, purple, black, yellow and orange), very moisturizing for its price
, stock up everytime i see them

Etude House fruit series and Hydro Wrapping masks
nothing really special for the fruit ones besides its packaging and smells
Meanwhile, the hydro wrapping ones are super moisturizing and nourishing, the paper contains more fiber which helps the masks lock the ingredients relatively well, my fav out of all
Limi Gel masks 
rarely use these. pretty useless but got tricked by the packaging, smell like red wine and cucumber as claimed
Laneige and Limi Sleeping masks
use them after all your skincare procedures and before you go to bed. stay on over night. best for laziest people like me. I used to love the laneige one but it doesnt do anything to my skin anymore. As you can see the packaging is real old. yes because I have had it for real long.
My new fav sleeping mask is by Limi, its 10 times better than Laneige.


*sorry been away from home and not be able to put new pics up. I am going to do the winner of my giveaway real soon. thank you all soooo much for the support  *tears down


  1. Oh <3 Looks like I'll be going out and getting a few of them myself now thanks to your review (free advertising for them? haha).

    Lol to be honest I love face mask pictures xD Weird, but I just do. Your face mask picture looks cute <3

  2. haha, that looks scary in a very funny way! I love beauty diary as well! I love the black pearl ;)

  3. I like the masks where you sleep through them. I have a Vitamin E one from the Body Shop that I use a few times a week :) I love those! Lazy people masks I guess :p

  4. I love using masks too. I use to use MBD masks a lot but I recently developed an allergic reaction to it :/ I've been debating about the Laneige masks too for awhile hehe

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