Jul 25, 2010

Deep Sea Fishing + Golf

What's better than spending all day outdoor on a nice summer day?

First time deep sea fishing! Perfect weather, not too sunny so no sunburn :)
Lets start!
There are some random creatures in the ocean for sure! A fish with legs...scary!

Our haul, literally! mostly scups and seabassess
So relaxing! I want a house off the ocean's shore in the future!
Starving! munching on appetizer sampler and beef spring rolls.

Golfing! Look at my perfect posture :) (posed for demonstrative purposes)

Gorgeous day to spend on the driving range.
My friends are much better golfers than me haha

We grilled the fish we caught for dinner.
I have never eaten anything I hunt (because I have never hunted) 
how primitive of us lol!

The day made me realize how fun it is to do things outside,
which is weird because I really stopped doing all the outdoor activities since I have moved to living in the States.
Life is very short and we've only got to live it once.
I am determined to do more outdoorsy stuff - tennis, sailing, beach volleyball, skateboarding..

What are your favourite outdoor activities?

And I am very sorry that i have been boring you with all these random posts. I know I need to do more cosmetics-related posts. I am just on a stage where I think I have owned way too much stuff so seldom want to buy new stuff to show. Plus, its summer time hence I barely use any makeup. But I promise I am going to make new makeup posts soon. Actually, I have been planning on throwing away a lot of stuff I currently own and buying more high-end makeup. I dont know tho but I need suggestions from you girls!


  1. looks fun!


  2. looks like such a fun day! good fishing haul too x

  3. wow dear looks like so much fun! <3

  4. Summer at its most.

  5. i've gone deep sea fishing :) it was so fun! hehe i like these posts too they're very interesting and personal!

  6. Looks like you had an amazinggggg day!
    Fun, fishing :P!

  7. aah omg the food looks so yummy!
    high end make up as in mac?? its a good idea, maybe sell the make up you have now and use the money to buy new ones

    xx Winnie

  8. @ Angie: Thanks! that means a lot to me :)
    @ Winnie: Its is weird talking to another person that has the same name with me lol. High end makeup as in dior, ysl, chanel and such. what do you think?

  9. Omg! That fish with legs looks so freaky! hahah!

  10. @Leenda

    Its so freaky right? We threw it back into the sea..

  11. im drooling over the fish BBQ!


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