Oct 4, 2010

Autumn in California Part 3 - San Diego

California is so big its probably 1000 times bigger than Massachusetts, which is probably already 1000 times bigger than Hong Kong. 1.5 hours takes us from the jammed traffic hectic LA scenes to sandy beaches along the coast of San Diego.

Great company on the beach in La Jolla
chat chat chat
Sunshine and sandy beaches
This is what I have missed since having my 1st job over the summer
I am getting it all back in SD
So called sand art lol
 After getting a nice tan on the beach, my friend took us to check out the cliffs.

Some baller's billion dollar mansion
Drop dead gorgeous!
the boundless stretch of the Pacific Ocean
Look at how high up we are!
the tiny black dots are people on the beach
So good to see you since Beijing
Minutes of sunset in Del Mar, we enjoyed it very much!

The scenary is so pretty but we haven't had anything all day so we went to downtown San Diego and ate at this spectacular Spanish Restaurant - Sevillas
traditional baked seafood paella
Naval ship that served during the WW2
Good times always fly and it's time to say goodbye. We packed up and drove back to LA. I will definitely revisit again in the future if I have a chance. The relaxing atmosphere and drop dead gorgeous scenes are just such a wonderful combination especially putting the fact that San Diego only an hour and half from LA into account :)


  1. yayyyy! SD! you guys didn't do any salsa dancing @ Sevilla? From the pictures, the weather looks like it's holding up (must have been over the wkd), but lately, SD has been gloomy and rainy (i.e. today). This is why we are America's Finest city!

  2. Great pics Winnie! I've only been to thye LA/Santa Monica area, gotta check out SD next time around!

  3. awww! i feel so at home looking at your pics :) i love la jolla i'm sad that i'm at school or i would have met up with you~

  4. aww, memories, I went to college in San diego, and me and my roommate wold go running every morning in La Jolla

    beautiful pictures by the way =)

  5. Whoaaa I'm so jealous!! Seems like you did so much traveling :D The places you went look so beautiful!! I've never been to San diego, but would love to one day!

  6. By looking at your pictures, I miss SD!!! :(

  7. the landscape is soo gorgeous!! and that beautiful big beach!

    (by the way, i've followed your blog, its so cool =D!)

  8. all those pictures are really nice, I'm so jealous of you guys's warm weather :D

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