Oct 7, 2010

Single Color Smoky Eyes / Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow

Smoky Eyes using only one Eye shadow

Product I am using:
- DollyWink Eyeliner (Review Here)
- Darkness Lashes
- Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow in BK922

Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow in BK922 is a metallic dark grey color
with blue, silver and black glitters and a green sheen


- color has its own great range of gradience
- pigmentation very build-able (thus perfect for smoky looks)
- very blend-able
- not much fall-out
- affordable, $7.99 on imomoko

- shadow is a bit on the 'dry' side
- primer makes a huge difference for this shadow

A grungy smokey look is easily created with only this shadow. The shadow is very easy to work with. It literally took me minutes to create a smokey look, of which, usually takes me 15 minutes with multiple shadows just to blend it right if I didn't mess up lol. I recommend this color to the laziesr people who want to look like they have put thoughts in to their eye makeup - Yea! like me!

then it's me trying to look badass ^^

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