Oct 22, 2010

My 1st (and probably only) OOTD

Having the intention to do an OOTD series from today already brought me good luck! I broke the only two mirrors at home. One from being used to check the back of my hair in the bathroom. The little stand of the mirror fell into the drain hole-_- The other big mirror fell down when being used to take outfits pictures (above) Trillions of broken mirror pieces scattered on the floor. Its good luck - according to Chinese tradition - 落地開花 富貴榮華 - 'something scatters on the floor as flower brings wealth and prosperity' see my epic translation skills?

Anywhoo back to the topic! I have just been wearing layers of stuff like this because it's already freezing in Boston! Its now around 50"F during the day and 30"F during the night. Looking for pieces and combining them to create different outfits for me is much more fun (and environmental friendly) than buying new pieces all the time (denying the fact that I go shopping at least twice a week - already promise myself I am going to cut it down)

Things on me:
Synthetic Leather jacket - F21
Black Fleece - Uniqlo
Sliver Ruffles Dress - tailor made in Shanghai
White Scarf - F21
White Stockings - Betsey Johnson
Greyish Black Socks - Nine West
Grey Boots - Uggs

Please tell me if you like this kind of outfit posts!

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