May 29, 2010

Blog Love Award

Another Blog Award from Edwina. She is such a sweetheart. She has been the greatest support ever since I started blogging here last month. I am super thankful to have her as my blogger friend. Go check her blog out HERE!

The rules of this tag is that you have to make your own award icon and post the icon of whoever tagged you, so each time there's a new unique picture

And here is mine TADAA

As always, Im nominating you, my besties!

I have never imagined having such wonderful experience blogging here. These people are truly amazing and unique :) Im running out of words to praise you girls as you can probably tell. So, have fun customizing your love awards and passing the love!

Have a great weekend, get as much as sun as possible!


  1. Seen your post and was coming on to congratulate you and realized you have nominated me for your blog award!! I am loving you right now :-D Such a happy bunny <3<3<3 thank you babes xxxxx


  2. Aw, thank you sweetie :) I love reading your blog. All the colorful stuff in it is just so refreshing :D Hope your french tips are still going strong :D

  3. aw thanks mama! love reading your blog: it just always makes me smile. :) how are you likin the melba blush?

  4. aww thank you :D ! i'm so honoured. your blog award is so cute too!


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