May 21, 2010

Crazy Week, wet New York, MAC eyeshadow in Interview

The past two weeks were crazy! I basically had no time to rest. There were a lot of visiting, dining and going out. My relatives flew all the way from the other side of the globe for my graduation. My friends and I also spent the last time together since a lot of them are international students before we are all gone apart. Just sent my aunt off to the airport this morning. Everything has come to an end.. for now. This is a relaxing but sad moment. Things arent gonna be the same :(

Nonetheless, I had SO much fun and so many memories in the past couple of weeks. Let the pictures talk ba!

Commencement Ceremony on Saturday
After a long day full of taking graduation pictures and relatives gatherings, my friends and I stayed at hotel room in downtown Boston. Perfect for going out and not driving!
Went to eat afterward, saw our old friend!

Went to nyc for the following two days with my relatives. It was raining the whole time! Regardless of the weather, its still new york. its still really pretty. Plus, i only go to ny for food so i dont really care about the weather being sucky :P

Went to Korea Town for soon dubu (BCD Tofu House). YUMM!
Their bbq meat are the superb but this time we decided to try out their organic tofu soups.

Me and my Iron Man craze in New York
Why did I go to Fifth Avenue?
For Purses? No! For Clothes? No! For the LOVE sign? No!!
it was for FIVE GUYS
they have the best burgers ever. simple, non-greasy and delicious
I am usually not a burgers fan but I was in loveeee with their burgers!

Went to the outlet yesterday back in Mass. I found the elephant necklace I had been longing for for decades from jcrew. The last two times they didnt have it. Finally got it, yeah yeah literally made my day! I also purchased the MAC Fard A Paupieres eye shadow in Inter-View from the CCO there. The shimmery blue is even darker then any blacks I have owned. The gold color is gorgeous with orange glitters. The brown is perfect for build ups ranging from medium to super opaque. All super pigmented. Itd be very convenient for doing night out makeup with the combination of colors matching both warm and cold tones.

Will do more updates soon! Its been crazy traveling to different states with no time to myself. Ahh!! Talk to you girls soon <3



  1. looks like you having a great time,
    feel good for you and congratulation ~~O(∩_∩)O~~~

  2. congratsss!!!
    mmm five guys... :)

  3. I just like everything in this post. And New York, gosh I been a couple of times, I hope you had a good time there.

  4. yay for graduation!!! Looks like u guys had a blast! I'm so happy for u =) five guys look delicious... I totally need to go try it out next time I visit!

  5. so lucky to be in new york! congrats :D
    omg i had five guys too but in columbus :) very good burgers

  6. Sounds like you are having a spectacular time! :) I heard of Five Guys on Food Network the other day!! :p I googled it too! :D Hope their food was as delicious as you said!! =D

  7. glad you had fun, aww five guys, awesome pizza, I like rays too! :)


  8. looks like you've had fun!
    aahw jealous! i want to go to NYC too.

  9. Congrats!! You deserve yourself a ...Five Guys burgers! I have never had the chance to taste it, but yes, the notorious burger is said to be heaven made.


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