May 6, 2010

Done with College Announcement + Deal Deal Deal

I am done with college..... WHAT!?!? As I walked out from my last final exam,  looked up at the sky - it was sooo nice out! I know it must be cerebrating with me hehee it feels so good to be done! my college experience wasn't anything difficult (probably because its a state university) but finally.. finally something I have accomplished, as i wished, two majors, two semesters abroad hahaha and now I can finally tell friends and family that I am done with college. OMG!

So I was going to go get some summer dresses at the mall but its sooo far (30mins driving). I drove by an old navy around the area I live and i was like uh might as well since I am done. I dont shop at old navy usually but always have luck finding deals there, and it wasn't a disappointment today either :)

I couldnt find anything of my size but I have found 2 xxL tops that fit perfectly as dresses on me :D
declaimer: Old Navy's XSs usually fit me well but they are usually sold out comes to clearance. I did not buy xxL on purpose and have nothing against people that wear bigger sizes. I am just indicating that tiny girls can use bigger clothes as alternatives. Everyone is pretty in their own way, cheers!

I like both of them! I have been wanting for pastel color dresses and a white ruffle sleeve dress like these. Can't believe I found them from Old Navy lol!

Here is a picture with the white ruffles dress on. Gosh I wish I had a bigger mirror so I can show you with better pictures (sad dorky college kid) $9.99 + $6.99 Such a good deal isnt it? Definitely check out an Old Navy if there is any nearby your area, esp their clearance section. Sometimes I even find 49cents tube tops or shirts that i buy for alterations and DIY!

So I found pictures of the 49cent tops I was talking about.

1) Turquoise Ruffles one shoulder top size M
wore it as a tunic dress for a night out with leather leggings and a black belt

2) Black Stripes white tube top Size M
the lines at the center dont really ally but i still bought it so i could do some DIY to it. I bought a piece of felt paper from a craft store and sew flowers on to it. now the stripes are hidden by the asymmetric flowers. :)


not bad, right :D?


  1. The dresses are super cute!! Those are my favorite types :D I love anything flowy and pretty like that.

    Congrats on being done w/college! It's been an amazing experience right? I know how that feels :) I'm so happy for you!! =D

  2. wow great deals! i never tried xxl tops as dresses before and they look super cute on you :D Oh and congrats with being done from college!

  3. great haul! And congrats on being done college :D

  4. I really love those dress. it's a great deal indeed..Ohh congrats on being done with college. So what is you next plan? Whatever it is, wishing you a good luck..;)

  5. Wow, omg love the orange one, jealous!


    xox Laura Beth

  6. these are all too freekin adorable.
    i love the firsttwo with the belts.
    LOVE! <3

  7. Love the dresses on you. They look so much better on you than by itself.

  8. the outfits are too freakin cute. i love old navy's clearance section. i stock up on cardi's and sweater's mwahaha. yay for bargain shopping!

  9. Loving the dresses :D

  10. Congrats on graduating from college! That is quite an accomplishment :)

    Thanks for following!


  11. congrats on finishing college!! it must feel so free to be finally done with school :D you found some great deals. those are some cute dresses! :) xx

  12. what a creative idea! i usually cannot find anything xs or small but now with these alternatives... bwahha!


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