May 3, 2010

Biore Perfect Cleaning Oil + Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Ahh my Biore cleaning oil is running out and I have no idea where to purchase it >.<

Biore Perfect Cleaning Oil
It has been my absolute fav for many many years. I have probably used up 8 bottles already. It was introduced to Hong Kong from the Biore Japan line maybe 3 years ago? Its selling point is that it can be used even on wet faces, and would not weaken its cleaning power, meaning its perfect for lazy people like me to be able to do the cleaning one step during shower.
- thick oil form, dissolve any makeup entirely from super waterproof mascara to color stay lippies after couple seconds of massage
- remover and cleanser combined = no need to use cleanser afterward
- can be used on wet faces as mentioned
- smells like peaches <3
- small amount is needed! 2 pumps are enough for the entire face, even with crazy eye makeup
- does not dry up my face after use
- feasible, roughly US$8/bottle and 2-3 bottles are enough for me for a whole year
- not know where to purchase besides from Asia (anyone knows of any website that carries this?)
- oil form, so its easier to be rubbed in the eyes

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

Saw this when I strolled around walmart. It is new perhaps? Rarely see any makeup remover lotion, the teal colored bottle grasped my attention right away.
- good alternative if your sick of using oil
- does not get into eyes easier because of its gel form
- feasible, around $7
- does not dry up my face after use
- available in any drugstore
- cleaning power is not as good as Biore, but still better then a lot of eye remover oil I have tried.
- inconvenient because I cannot remove my face makeup at the same time 
(i mean I could use it on my face too.. but it'd be a waste)

Comparing the 2, I would definitely still pick my Biore. Who doesn't want to be lazy these days? Plus it absolutely removes EVERYTHING! But I mean the Neutrogena one isn't that bad, just little inconvenient caz i have been spoiled by my biore for so long.. I like the non-clumsiness feeling it gives. It is still very good for its price and does its jobs. so no complaints :)


  1. thanks for sharing! i'm always on the hunt for the best cleanser to remove make up. Now I really wanna try the Biore cleansing oil u mentioned.. but i dont know when's the next time i'm visiting hk! I generally don't like cleansing oil though :S as much as it does a great job cleansing, the oily feeling makes me feel greasy, maybe I'm not using it right (?) Anyway, great post!

  2. @edwina: I know what ur talking about! i hate the oily feeling with cleaning oil too but this biore one does NOT give you that greasy feeling at! Its more like a heavy-duty face wash (if that makes any sense). Anyway thanks for always stopping by :D!

  3. OMG a Neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion!! That's amazing, thanks for showing this!


    xox Laura Beth

  4. I have the SAME Biore cleansing oil! :p I don't really like it too much because the oil gets into my eyes and it stings! But I do like the fact that it dissolves almost any kind of makeup! I use it for my brushes. Sometimes I feel like it's such a waste because those things are expensive. My friend bought it for me while she was in Taiwan but I do see the Biore cleansing oils in Japanese markets like Mitsua or Marukai :)

  5. @Laura Beth: Your welcomed :)
    @Rainy Days and Lattes: Thanks for the headsup! I just check their websites but they dont carry it :( and haha I used it for washing my brushes before too. everything comes out lol!


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