Apr 26, 2011

Gucci Boat Shoes, yay or nay?

One of my favourite things about living in the States is that there are always so much bargains going on. Most brands are widely available and most affordable than anywhere else in the world. And when products go on sale? They really go on sale.

These Gucci boat shoes are probably from the Summer 2010 collection? They are really well made - the leather are very soft and the rubber design on the back seems to be very sturdy. I picked them up at a DSW for less than $60 (Originally $395, DSW price $199.94, then 70% off = $60) Such a deal right?

Question is if I will wear them often. Perhaps I should spend $60 on something that I would wear more on a daily basis but at the same time I cant get passed of how well made they are for $60 and how much of a deal I am getting. I also like the relaxing feel they give. I dont know! Help me decide!

What do you think? If that was you, would you keep them?
And what would you pair them with?

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