Apr 30, 2010

Hana SPC Natural Brown Lenses

Receive these Hana SPC Natural Brown lenses from pinkyparadise.com when I got home :D :D

I completely forgot I ordered these (-_-) 2 weeks ago perhaps? I personally rarely rarely wear circle lenses n I dont like lenses that have crazy enlarging effect BUT these are perfect! They are like 1mm larger than my irises so basically only the black part sits outside. The brown as you can see is tiny bit lighter then my eye color (the center) so the subdue color differentiation creates more depth to my eyes. They are pretty comfy. I dont feel anything in my eyes (unlike freshcon / one day acuvue) but of caz I would only wear them for couple hours max and probably only when I go out since they are still not as healthy as wearing regular contacts with higher oxygen permeability. I dont want to turn blind when I turn 30 :p

So if you have brown eyes like me and want just a tiny bit of a softer look, these will be a good choice! And when you order from pinkyparadise.com. they also come with an animal contact case. Mine are  yellow hippos which kinda match the lenses (which also matches my duckie and my yellow paper folders wth). freaking adorable! yeah yeah yeah i can wear them tonight, perfect timing!

AND OHH!! Thank you girls SO much for leaving comments on my last post! They meant A LOT to me! I am more confident with my fobby bangs now hehee n_n

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  1. your contact lenses case is ADORABLE!

    i never tried any contact lenses.. let alone circle lenses.. i'm just so scared of putting anything into my eye!! i'll go and try one of these days!!


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