Apr 10, 2010

FOTD + extremely messy hair

Oh jeez. I am desperately in need of a haircut. But it is so difficult! Since I dont cut my hair often enough to judge what salon is good or whatnot, it is life-risking to try out a random one each time. Out of all the haircuts in the past few years, the only ones that I liked were from mie higashimoto on newbury boston, hip hair culture shanghai and Park Seung Chol wudaokou beijing. I have a tendency of rather not cut my hair to not ruin it. same thing to color now, as much as I hate about having obvious roots grow out, I would rather wait til next time I go to asia because salons there seem to know more about Asian hair and what color would suit their customers most. 

So, last night I tried out this look from all my leftover eyeshadows. What I mean by that is actually a combination of a lot of cheap shallows that aren't used enough over the years. they range randomly from revoln to rmk. Don't you think we have accumulated way too many tiny shadow compacts over the years? Every now and then it becomes a delimma even thinking about moving them. Simply waste a lot of space, especially for people who don't live at home like me. so couple weeks ago I made them all in one piece. It is actually made with cardboard, felt paper, magnet photo frame, a square mirror and rubber cement. I am so happy how it turned out :D I LOVE CRAFTING!

There are similar products out in the market such as UNII. Their palettes design is so innovative and well made. They also come in many colors but I don't think they worth $30. its undeniable that they are super cute tho.

mine is so crappy compared to UNII's lol. but doesn't matter la as long as it fits my purpose right :)?

Its yet another nice day out! lets enjoy the weather lovelies!


  1. This is EXACTLY what I need!! I have so many single shadows and after using MAC palettes I want all my other shadows to be organised too.
    Too bad the UNII ones are expensive, I agree it's not worth the price. It looks like a Nintendo DS =p

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