Apr 6, 2010

FOTD + Bronzers

apparently i don't look good with headbands. my forehead is wayy too big lol. i have always had an oversized head along with a gigantic forehead. thanks mom and dad :) probably can't tell from the pictures but i HAVE to use bronzers - and I am currently using:
  • Loreal HIP Vibrant Shimmer Bronzing Power in glowing 893 darkest
  • Mac Mineralize Skinfinish dark/natural and shimmer medium
  • Benefits Hoola lightest

... depends on how dark and how much shimmer i want on my face. In the pictures i am using the Mac one, which is also the most used one for me for now since I am pretty pale. When summer comes I will probably use the Loreal one more. There is actually  story behind it. Back then I had no idea about bronzers when i picked it up at a cvs for $5 (on sale, the only reason i would have purchased it lol) and i literally thought it was just a blush color. i came home, opened it and wondered: why it has so much shimmer? and i read it on the back it was actually a bronzing powder.. and i was like what.. what are bronzing powders? so i looked it up online and saw people using it to give a sunkissed glow or a contour to the face. ohh.... (with light bulbs around my head) since then i started using bronzers and trust me.. it really creates a huge difference on the face. i am so jealous of girls who don't need to wear bronzers yet have that perfect oval face shape. i personally definitely do not have.. and yeaa bronzer is totally something that i can not live without or else i always always have my bangs down.. kinda pathetic lol.

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  1. i have a large forehead too so i always avoid putting all my fringe up >_< i'm a big fan of bronzers too but iv only used it to contour. do you use it on your forehead too?

    nice blog!

    love, Joanne



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