Aug 5, 2012

Life updates | Stanley & Oysters

It is going to be a quite useless wordy post. As many of you know I relocated back to Hong Kong after living in Boston for 8 years. A lot of things that used to be familiar for me are once again new to me because believe it or not, things can be seen completely differently when you are an adult, having a 9-5 and basically no life. Whats worse is you are sorta forced to give you up of what you like doing best for your free time in exchange of some professional knowledge that might not let you "results" just now.

I mean... Really good food, family and friends, on top of being financially stable, being an adult in Hong Kong seriously let you do whatever. Ever since I moved back, every weekend aka the only free time I had I spent with my closest friends, having good times and enjoying life. #YOLO right? (I think Im starting to hate this acronym) I have no regrets on the decision of finally moving back but... sometimes I really miss the carefree lifestyle I used to have in the States.

Speaking of relocating to give up my American dreams wtf? I mean all the shallow things including living in a multi-million dollar house with 8 car garages, family tennis court and swimming pool. Just kidding la, but the moment I decided to move back, I know the path to be a billionaire (in order to live in a million dollar house) is definitely heading a divorce with me. There are definitely certain things I have given up for that decision.

What am I even talking about now? I don't know haha. Do you feel the same way? I just feel really drained. Sick of the same routine of work, lunch, work, dinner, sleep and I HATE having no time for blogging and youtubing. It affects me a lot mentally. On top of being sick, this weekend I decided to go to a more relaxing place, to remind myself to not get drown.

Stanley 赤柱 is nor my secret boyfriend or my dog lol. It is Hong Kong people's to-go place for relaxing located a 30min bus ride away from Central. It has local markets as well as more westernized seafood restaurants and bars. We wanted oysters, but on the way we found this open-air Dai Pai Dong stall called 泗益 thats famous for its honey PBJ fresh toasts. So good :))

It never meant to be a day with a schedule anyway. Not the best weather but walking along the pier and breathing in fresh air isn't very easy to come by these days. We enjoyed every minute we spent there.

Thats what I am talking about. Forget about the baller things I talked about earlier lol. Once in awhile we need a break, share what we are going through with the people you care the most, recollect ourselves to start again. Of course good food can sprinkle.

I guess life isn't that bad but perfectionists like us of course always like to wonder if we can do even better. I don't want to update only once a week. I don't want to not post any videos on youtube for more than 2 months. I don't want to only able to update my Instagram everyday haha. So please wait for my updates :)

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