Nov 28, 2010

Best Weekend Ever!!

Walking around HK + Best Friend's Bday Party + Sunday with Parents

Friday was a perfect day to walk around town as the weather wasn't humid at all. I haven't been in Hong Kong at this period of time (Oct/Nov) for 7 years and almost forgot how nice the weather could be sometimes in autumn! A good friend and I decided to have a walk along the Victoria Harbour (Yes! It spells all British in HK :P ) after seeing . Thumbs up btw!!

It's already extremely Christimasy everywhere in Hong Kong!

Gorgeous XMas Tree
1881 Heritage
It feels so good to be home around this time!

In the morning we booked a place for indoor war game!! You are probably surprised why we would have done such crazy things but my friends and I actually met through a large range of sports in high school. We have so much memory rooting for each others' teams and representing our school. Thus when WAR GAME was picked among all other choices for my best girlfriend's birthday, I wasn't surprised at all ^^ It was soooooo much fun!!

Messing around and being silly at the place

I am the one in red!!
Wearing my friends jacket at this 'abandoned factory' scene!

**I had been so hyped up for this past weekend because it was my BESTest friend's birthday party. I hadn't celebrated birthday with her for 7 years ever since I moved to living in the US. I was so happy to get to see a lot of people that I haven't seen for years. There were a lot of planning involved but the effort was paid off really nicely! Everything went on so smoothly and everyone seemed to have a blast!

Let the party begin!!!
Great venue with a great view facing the Kowloon side and the harbour
Surprised her with a custom made Hello Kitty cake that's 3D and so perfectly shaped!!
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
LOL great attempt for the birthday girl to try a hella strong Lamborghini 

Group Pic! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Taking a relaxing day after all those intense activities with my parents. We didn't do anything special besides trying out an Indian restaurant and walking around Tsim Sha Tsui.

My dad's current 'pets':
unknown creatures but according to dad they are called 'Jade Snail' - my mom: wtf!?
Tiny shrimp!
One more week left of Hong Kong.. meaning one more week left of spending time with my parents :( I don't want to grow up! I don't want to live alone again! I don't want to eat dinner by myself again! ahhh...

How was your weekend, lovelies? Did you do anything fun?

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