May 17, 2014

Essie On a Silver Platter, Illasmasqua Trillion, Orly Rage Reviews

Hi Its been over a year since my last posts. Nuts! Back with an accumulated nail polish review.
Essie On a Essie Silver Platter (Thumb, wedding ring)
Illamasqua Trillion (index, middle)
Orly Rage (pinky)

2 coats for each underneath Seche Vite top coat. Essie On a Silver Platter is a silverish gold with royal blue glitters, still see through after 2 coats. Illamasqua Trillion's pink tone diminishes with silver glitters leftovers. 1 coat is enough to cover the edge between your nail bed and nail, 2 coats make an opaque coat. Orly Rage is a rose gold metallic with micro shimmers. 

Glittery nails for summer :)?

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