Apr 15, 2012

My Michelin 3 star experience | Jean George's, Trump Hotel NYC

Watching <Tower Heist> last night reminded me of "Oh! I never blogged about my Triumph Tower experience". What I meant was my restaurant experience at the Trump Tower of course. Luckily I can still find these pictures in the archive in my computer. To break down this 10 course meal,

| Cucumber & Raspberry Lychee Martini
| Egg Caviar
| Foie Gras Brulee, Slow-roasted Strawberries & Aged Balsamic Vinegar
| Sea Scallops, Caramelized Cauliflower, Caper-Raisin Emulsion
| Caramelized Foie Gras, Black Olive, Lychee & Brioche
| Young Garlic Soup with Thyme, Sauteed Frog Legs
| Turbot with Chateau Chalon Sauce
| Lobster Tartine, Lemongrass & Fenugreek Broth, Pea Shoots
| Duck Breast Topped with Cracked Jordan Almonds, Amaretto Jus
| Broiled Squab, Onion Compote, Corn Pancake with Foie Gras
| Desert Tastings - Stonefruit
| Desert Tastings - Chocolate - Bittersweet Chocolate Sorbet, Jean Georges Chocolate Lava Cake, Bitter Chocolate Curd, Caramelized Honey Ganache

It was an absolute wonderful experience. There were many dishes that stimulated my taste buds in such a new way of which really blew my mind. I never knew food could tast such multi-layered before. It was also much cheaper than eating at any michelin 3 star restaurants in Hong Kong or any part in Asia, per se. If you are looking for a more formal place for dinner for all types of events, I really recommend you try Jean George's at the Triump Hotel.

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