Apr 1, 2012

Birthday Part 1 | Angry Birds Cake & High Tea at Sevva

So its time of the year once again to memorize the pain my mother went through X years back then wtf.   Today is already the 1st day of April but I have no shame of getting more "Happy Birthdays" from you, my fellow beloved bloggers. No I am just kidding! I am super thankful for what I have had and become today. I don't think I am that bad of a human being, ain't I? Happy freaking Birthday to me!

Kicking off the day with meeting up with my gorgeous friend LamLam for lunch. She got me a Maxim Angry Bird cake. Maxim, a local Hong Kong bakery, now sells about 4 different kinds of Angry Bird cakes. HAHA that just made my morning cutting its head. Inside its actually a really good chocolate mousse cake. Yumm too bad the 2 of us could only finish 1/4 of the head.
Other angry birds cakes, they even have the angry birds space cakes haha

As usual my vacation day in Hong Kong just goes without plans, Gigi and I randomly decided to pick Sevva as the weather looked semi decent at noon. Located on the 25th floor of Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central, Sevva has a magnificent view overlooking the business district on the Hong Kong Island side and part of the Tsim Sha Tsui side across the glamourous Victoria Harbour.

 Sevva high tea
6-14A Chater Road, Central
Hong Kong
Then I saw the cake of my life... Look at how gorgeous it is! Maybe next year :) Went for Japanese with the family for dinner. Talk about keeping it low key!

It has been 8 years since last I celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong. It is always so much more fun when I do so since most of my friends and family live and work here. And when I do, I usually pull the average number of birthday cakes cut from 2 to 5 and my level of happiness from 30 to 110!

This year's birthday includes a weekend worth of an Angry Bird cake, Sevva afternoon tea, best friend Tedi coming to experience the local HK mid 20s culture, a 20 people dinner,  staying up and partying on the streets til 5am. I totally forgot I was getting old!


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