Apr 8, 2012

Birthday Part 2 | Tea at W Hotel & Fat Angelos

Birthday day 2 involves getting tea (again) with relatives and Tedi, a 18 childhood friend birthday dinner and a crazy yet usual night out in Hong Kong til 530am. Yes nuts but I love it!

1 Austin Road West, Kowloon
W Hotel could possibly make it to the top list of my favourite tea places in Hong Kong! Really reasonably priced, conveniently located, and most importantly it has such an relaxing ambience. It was great seeing my aunt and uncle who were also by chance visiting Hong Kong from London. They are as sweet as usual. After a few hours of chatting and laughing, Tedi and I went to check in to our hotel, which is really close and has a similar view to the old apartment I used to live at.
Tidy up and we are headed to dinner! I was so happy that almost all my closest friends were there. Again, its been 8 years since last celebrated my birthday with them. I aimed for an affordable dinner so we could feel free to order whatever. The food was good and we all (hopefully) had a great time!
My beloved sister got me this cake that says "Happy Birthday to the Hottest Chick in the World" LOL #epic #birthday and a heart charm from Links of London. She got me the Sweetheart mini version from this birthday when we were in New York (HERE) Ah I love her to death. Then my other really good friend Vanessa gifted me a box of macarons freshly made by her dad. Freaking unbelievably awesome! They can seriously open a shop and I would be there every day. So yummy!
Then continuing was a night of dancing, drinking wine on the street (yes because we cannot do it in the States!), kareoke and puking (somebody not us!). Wrapping up with cheungfun and congee at 5:30am looking disgusting but tasting so freaking good (at that time). #drunkpeopleproblems #senseless

HAHA SO MUCH FUN! Check out my birthday part 1 with high tea at Sevva and the cute Angry Bird cake HERE.

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