Sep 30, 2010

EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm

Hi loves! Sorry I have been gone for wayyyy toooo longgg. If you follow me on twitter, you'd probably know I was gone to California for 2 weeks. It was such a fun trip! But being gone for that long, I have piled up tons and tons of new stuff I wanted to share with you. Thus, putting the Cali trip aside, I need to start catching up with my product reviews :D

If you have read my blog for awhile, you know I LOVE the EOS lip balm in sweet mint. Its so cute and super easy to be found in my always-oh-so-messy purse. I decided to pick up this lemon drop one while searching for a chapstick that contains SPF for my trip to sunny California. And surprise! A lot of CVS now carry EOS products. yay!

Drug Facts

My thoughts:
I am actually quite disappointed with this SPF lip balm. It is almost as greasy as the LLBean with chapsticks.. Almost like having Vaselline on thr lips with a hint of lemon flavor. Even though its very moisturizing,  I prefer using refreshing and clean textured lip balms when I am out.. if that makes any sense. So I mean I will keep using it because it contains SPF, but if I had to choose a clean non greasy formula I'd pick something from Hawaiian Tropic.


  1. I've never seen this product before? But thanks for the review.. I'll keep away from it if I ever see it! Haha.. Great blog! I am now following :)


  2. Thanks for the review! i always want to try this!

  3. i want to try this, it looks so cute.

  4. oooh they have lemon drop!?i have the green one and the pink one and i love the pink one haha!!

  5. LOL that's so opposite of me! I like my lipbalms on the greasy side since I'm always trying to chew on my lips XD thx for the review^^

  6. Thank you for the review!! I dislike greasy lipbalms, they feel uncomfortable on =[

  7. awww thanks for reviewing. i wanted to get these but i hate greasy lipbalms too


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