Sep 6, 2010

Make Up Basics - Blushers

Different ways to apply blushers make a whole world of differences.

Method from IPSA Makeup Artist Tstsuya Okukawa 奧川哲也:
Images by CosmogirlHK

Egg Shaped
Apply blush lightly along the cheek bone to make face shape perfect

Square Shaped
Diagonally apply blush and focus blush color on the outer edge to lengthen face shape as well as to make face appear smaller and softer.
Round Shaped
Apply blush like a tilted triangle with pigmentation focused on the outside to contour and make face appear slimmer.

Upside Down Triangle Shaped
Apply blush color in the center of cheeks in order to make face plump.

Rectangle shaped
Horizontally applying blush in a oval motion to widen face to make features appear not as harsh.

Its simply logical but yet effective. Without a doubt, my face is round shaped. Bingo! It looks like I have been doing it correctly ;D Have you been applying blushers correctly?


  1. Ooo I have been doing it okay too xD I have round face too ack

  2. ooh, thanks for this! it's really helpful!

  3. Me too! ( : Round face, wish I had more a oval face though. Thanks for posting!

  4. Very helpful...I guess my face is egg/round so a mix of those two techniques should do. In Chinese we call it "sunflower seed shaped" relatives are always on the lookout for those with the perfet sunflower seed shaped face.

  5. This is very helpful! I love blushes! New follower here :)

    p.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog. <3

  6. This is so helpful! I think I've been putting it right... But I tend to change it every time! But thanks for sharing!

  7. =/ I have a round face (I think????), but I've been doing it like square face. I'll give this triangle a try next time.

  8. love this! thanks for the picture tips!

  9. I have a round face too and I don't think I've been...hehe. This is great, thanks!

  10. Such a lovely post!! Winnie:) Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog, that means a lots to me :)


  11. thanks for this! i never really took my face shape into consideration lol

  12. great tips winnie!... except I feel like my face shape is different at different angles. LOL I would like to think its a mix of oval + round >_<''

  13. great tips.. people definite apply blushes according to their face shapes!

  14. ooh awesome! this is super helpful :D

    jennifer & sherry

  15. I love your banner photo!! amazing! x


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