Jun 19, 2011

California Trip - La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs

Last California Trip in autumn was a huge blast (Read more Here). Here comes another one soon after 8 months. Prior to my trip, I saw this La Quinta Resort and Club promotion on Hautelook that I really wanted to purchase. But I was heaps too late and all the dates were sold out. The pictures are so pretty - Palm trees, swimming pools, Spanish huts and pools. I decided to still make a trip to Palm Springs mainly because I had never been and really wanted to stay at a high end resort for a few days drinking martini and get some tan by the pool!!

Funny thing is I used Priceline to bid on any 5 star resort. I was going to rent a car anyway so it didn't matter where the exact location was. Guess what, lucky me got the La Quinta Resort and Club!! It must be something good I did last life to bring me good karma lol. The resort is everything expected, if not better!

49-499 Eisenhower Drive, 
La Quinta, CA 92253
This resort is huge - I'm pointing at my hut! Good thing is it allows guests to park right outside the area of the room. My hut is called San Nicolas. Spanish hut with tropical landscapes and cactus everywhere, I love! After settling, its time to get silly :D
I basically spent the next 2 days laying by the pool drinking cocktails or walking around the resort looking at beautiful plants. At night I stayed in watching Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County lol. I haven't watched that show for such a long time and it's relaxing to watch garbage TV once in awhile.
I can't get over how pretty the resort is (very different than the East Coast beauty Martha's Vineyard - Read about my trip Here)! The site shares 2 swimming pools and among 6-8 rooms share a smaller pool as well as jacuzzi. I was in and out all day trying to get as much sun as possible (but once I was outside I was complaining how hot that was haha)
Here comes a panoramic view of me laying by the 1st main pool ...
or this...

So I am back writing a entry shamelessly. Just like how I live my life, my blog is kinda spontaneous in conjunction with a sporadic moment with whatever happening in my life. (I'd be amazed if you read til this point, and put a ^ in the comment if you want to let me know you have!)

I know blogging requires commitment, but I really cant adjust to sacrifice any time enjoying life to blogging. I never categorize myself as a beauty blogger or whatever type of blogger - I don't blog to live. The bottom line is, blogging for me is documenting moments in life. I am not gonna go out of my way just to blog. Do any of you feel the same way?

However after about a couple months of career changing and traveling, my life is sorta back on track now. I will be moving to a new place in 2 weeks, and I will have a lot more time to blog. I know I have piles and piles of products I need to do reviews on :(. But before I do so, I wanna push this series out since its freshly documented! Stay tuned for Palm Springs activities!

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