Jun 21, 2011

California Trip - What's in my travel bag? + Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Just as many other trips I am making a mess on the hotel vanity table. But! this time I am nice enough to  share with you what I have taken with me for this 12 day trip. This time around I am really trying to pack light, use up all the sample sized products I have collected over the years. pshhh... without further saying, watch the video :)
Don't you all love my nanny look in the video lol? So I pretty much wasted all morning making a mess, by the time I was packed it was already passed noon-_-. Heyo, I was on vacation ma, give me a break. So I found this gorgeous place in Palm Springs to enjoy my late brunch.
622 North Palm Canyon Drive,
Palm Springs, CA 92292
This heavy Yam Hash filled up my stomach like no other! The atmosphere is cooling and relaxing, definitely Palm Springs style. There was only 1 spot I need to hit before I wrapped up my 3day2night Palm Springs trip -

1 Tram Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262
If your not scared of height, this touristy gimmicked tramway would be your cup of tea. The view is pretty spectacular - I am amazed how we see nothing city-like after being elevated up for 2643ft for 15 mins-_-. The view from my 34th floor apartment in Hong Kong seems to be more interesting than this. However, props to the engineers, architects and workers who have made this tramway happen. For hikers, this is a great way to kick off a trial. For me, it's time to head back to LA!

Have any of you been to this tramway? What do you think? 

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