Jun 26, 2011

California Trip - LA Eats

LA is nothing new to a lot of people but it's still a very good midpoint for visiting California. Unlike last time (Here) spending every minute on the run to visit every single place, this time around I was taking my time to keep my friend who flew all the way from Hong Kong entertain while finding good eats in the city.

My first meal back from Palm Springs was not going to be dinner but my rental car broken down on the highway-_- I was so scared because break down lanes in California are so narrow and I was literally right next to the truck lane. While freaking out, the California Highway Patrol truck towed me to the closest exit (because it was too loud on the highway I thought that guy was a Enterprise staff-_-). I had to google map myself to find out where I was at wtf. Enterprise later on switched a better car for me but my whole afternoon (supposedly spent at the hotel pool with my best friend) was wasted.

So lunch became dinner wtf-

Hae Jang Chon
3821W. 6th Street,
Koreatown, CA 90020

The second morning we wasted no time to go to Universal Studios. I was only going because I have an annual pass so I could go in for free wtf. 

My husband

We swung by Marc Jacobs to pick up some souvenirs but by chance it was a book signing event and was packed with cute gay guys and drag queens wtf.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
8410 Melrose Ave,
LA, CA 90069

How about a garlic dinner?
55 N. La Cienega Blvd,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Next morning we yelped a brunch place and got to this random place in Inglewood. We were the only Asians there lol. I felt so out of place but everyone was being extra nice to us.
The Serving Spoon
1403 Centinela Ave,
Inglewood, CA 90302
We totally craved Budae Jigae for her last dinner in LA but my friend recommended this restaurant. The food was clean and yummm. 
3303 W 6th Street,
Koreatown, LA, CA 90020
Hello Kitty x Beard Papa's <3

Somehow I felt like we were eating 2 meals in a row but it was early enough to still make it to Santa Monica to walk around and take some pictures at the pier from day to night.

Bye, love! I know I will see you soon *tears down. 

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