Jun 23, 2011

Shop with me: Matthew Williamson x Macy's

Matthew Williamson is undoubtedly my favourite fashion designer (with my pond depth knowledge of fashion - very shallow, though). I buy things I am attracted to, and am very rarely able to point out who's the designer unless it's super obvious. Nonetheless, I recalled being so amazed seeing his collection first at the Deign Museum in London. I fell in love with this British designer's prints, patterns and colors.

Soon after I visited London in 2008, Matthew launched his collection with H&M in spring 2009. Not getting as much attention like other crossover collections like Lavin x H&M or Madonna x H&M, I remember I actually went to the mall in the 1st day the collection came out and swiped a few pieces. The collection was gorgeous!

This time around Matthew Williamson is doing a collection for Macy's. I personally don't think the clothes are as pretty as what he did for H&M. Perhaps it is targeting for a different age group? I wasn't going to blog about it until I saw that everything is at least 40%off, while majority of this collection is 65%off. You can also use the extra 20%off coupon (adhere at the end of this post, good til June 26th), or you can get almost everything from Macys.com for about 50%off.

Here are the few pieces I tried on:

One-shoulder Black Dress with Shooting Star design
S Price: Orig $99, Sale $34.65, with extra 20%off $27.72
Fit: For some reason this one shoulder black dress fits like a medium. The overall fit isn't bad and the dress is somewhat I am looking for with the perfect skirt length. However the draped design leaves too much cloth around the waist area. especially with this kind of heavy drappy spandex material. It's such a deal after the discount and the design is flashy enough to be kept in the closet for special occasions but I am not buying another piece of so-so clothing.
Verdict: Pass

Size: S Price: Orig $99, Sale $59.4, with extra 20%off $47.52
Fit: Whoa this dress fits very well and the length is also very appropriate for work. It is loose yet gives good definition on the waist line. I just thought I could save $50 from a print that I don't love.
Verdict: Pass (for now)

Size: M (Out of S) Price: Orig $69, Sale $41.40, with extra 20%off $33.12
Fit: I have been wanting a biker jacket or vest for the longest time. I really wanted to like this :(. This is such a gorgeous biker vest and has a very pretty front view when worn open. When I turn to the side I put on 20lbs and look like a robot (小露寶 to be exact - see reference picture ^) when worn close. Haha what the hell..
Verdict: Pass

Short Flutter Starburst Print Dress
S Price: Orig $69, Sale $24.15, with extra 20%off $19.32
Fit: This dress definitely screams the most Matthew Williamson to me. I love the neck line and it makes me look not as wide and skinnier (Hell yes!). The dress itself is pretty loose but I can easily toss a belt on to give some waistline. With the pricetag under $20, this is a fun piece to be added to my collection!
Verdict: Purchased

Blue Halter Ruffles Dress
Size: XS Price: Orig $69, Sale $41.4, with extra 20%off $33.12
Fit: It fits perfect but I look like a trashy desperate housewife wearing this ocean blue ruffle dress.
Verdict: Pass (but will get something similar 10 years later)

Price: Orig $29, Sale $14, with extra 20%off $11.2
Verdict: Purchased all. Never have too many scarves :)

So overall it's not a very good haul. I ended up only purchasing a dress and 3 scarves. If you don't know already, Macy's is having a huge sale right now with a lot of stuff ranging from 40-65% off. Don't miss the chance! Use code "HOTONE" for online purchases or print this in-store coupon for extra 20% off all sales and clearance items (Click free link Here). Happy Shopping :)

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