Jan 22, 2012

Walking with Buddha - visiting HK in the traditional way

If you asked me what represents Hong Kong the most, I'd probably say International Finance Center in Central, Element in Tsim Sha Tsui. But hey, don't forget the fact that 3 sides of Hong Kong is surrounded by water. With most of the development on reclaimed land in the city, a lot of places in the New Territories and millions of small islands are left untouched.

Ngong Ping is a small village on Lantau Island, and the Ngong Ping 360 tourism project that was built a few years back with cable cars take us on a 25 minute journey overlooking Tung Chung Bay and the mighty Tian Tan Budda Statue. (Read more HERE) With my experience, Hong Kong is almost always gloomy. The day spent outdoor was so beautiful and couldn't be better!
We took the newer cable car that was clear bottomed. The British lady sitting next to us realized it was glass all of a sudden and freaked out. she kept saying "don't your stomach feel funny?" no wth haha.

After we arrived the village we just followed the crowd and talked towards Mr. Budda, who is sitting atop 268 steps. Little tired but able to experience what Mr. Buddha sees everyday? So worth it!
my very asian friend haha jk
We made it to the top and the view is spectacular! No wonder Mr. Buddha doesn't want to move. Surrounding him were a few smaller goodnesses tributing things Mr. Buddha has been lemming #notintendedtobeafactualstatement
Walking back down is the village centered with Bo Lin Temple. For whatever reason I have actually never been to Bo Lin Temple! I knew nothing more than people come eat veggie dishes-_- In addition to all the overly fertiled flowers set up for Chinese New Year, it is just so colorful. Here is this picture of Tedi and incense that are bigger than Tedi
On the way back it was more foggy but it was one of the prettiest scenes I have seen in my life. It reminds me of the never-ending Sahara Desert besides we were 50 feet of the ground and were looking at mountains instead. I could not believe I could see a natural scene like this in Hong Kong. Now I could die without regrets.

I will save some stuff to show you in later on posts. By the time this is up, I will be spending Chinese New Year with my family on a vacation in Nepal :) I am actually leaving now but to those of you who do celebrate cny, happy new year! 新年快樂,心想事成,龍馬Drink神,恭喜恭喜

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