Jan 31, 2012

Hong Kong | Harlan's The One + D&G

Located at The One on the Kowloon side, Harlan's has a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbor. I'd highly recommend to people wit ho have never been to Hong Kong to come grab a drink at night, or possibly a romantic dinner for two, despite the time I went it was foggy and the tea set wasn't as yummy as I wished. Anyway I brought my brother's awesome camera to take pictures and lets not let them go waste, neh?

At the end of the day? I am happy that my tea loving friend Suki didn't follow my recommendation and wasted her time here. If you're into afternoon tea as well, make sure you check her blog out (HERE).

If you happened to know little about Hong Kong news, you probably know about the incident that happened at the Tsim Sha Tsui Dolce&Gabanna. Since we were walking pass it, we took a picture because we can take picture in any public places in Hong Kong, regardless of what nationality we are #insider.

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