Feb 5, 2012

NEPAL | Family Travel Story

It has been a long time since my family and I travel together. From kindergarden all the way to secondary school, my parents always took my brother and I somewhere every Chinese New Year. Not only we could skip being asked "when are you getting married?" by relatives, it is also the only time of the year that they can have around 10 days off.

My family hates holiday stuff, we rarely go to relatives' houses or do any relatives' dimsum. My parents are the utmost unpretentious and easy-going people I have ever met in my life so when there is something they ask me to go to, I know its the real deal, the gangster stuff, jk.

Looking past today, we have been to quite a few places already, especially in Asia, given the allowed time. The first country I had ever flew out to was the Philippines when I was 5. Since then, we experienced something new every year. We saw our first snow during our trip to Kyoto, experienced Dubai while it was still not as developed, stole a few bottles of sand at the Sahara Desert wtf, saw a lot of nemos and dorys at the Coral Reef in Australia, got really emo at the Nuclear Museum in Hiroshima, got scared to death when we saw the first naked topped lady boy show in Pattaya Thailand, etc.

Every year around Chinese New Year, we would pick a place to fly to, to get away from this crowded island, and to get a time just by the 4 of us.

Time flies, we then moved to the States to continue our education mid way through secondary school, and then, our family travel tradition had stopped. My parents then used the money saved from spending on the two of us to travel to somewhere even more expensive like Europe, South Africa and New Zealand wtf.

It is rare to be able to go travel with them again since I live in the States now, so when I found out I was able to travel with them this year, I was ubbbberrr excited! Since there are many places we have been already in Asia, I suggested to go to India, and my brother wanted to go to Russia. After discussing with the travel agent, it was pretty much only Nepal that could provide this kind of cultural sightseeing tours.

So here we go, props to you if you have read through the whole story. Let me know and I will send you a bottle of Nepali dirt wtf

Hong Kong >> Kathmandu, Nepal
& the hotel we stayed for 3 nights that I loved!
Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
Taragaon, Boudha, Kathmandu
Boudhanath Stupa & Swayambhunath Stupa | Hindu and Buddhist Monkey Temples
Durbar Square | Old Palace
Pokhara | natural scenaries
Nagarcot | sunrise
Chitwan | wildlife
Wandering around some Newali villages in Kathmandu

Nepal, not being a wealthy and material-filled country, fulfills my heart visually and spiritually more than anything I have seen even only by spending 8 days there. Without a planned transportation layout, Nepali people and cars and motorcycles are sharing the same spaces. It was very overwhelming coming from a city that is famous for its efficient transportation system. You always have to stop, watch out for something, and tense up because you can never just walk carefreely on the streets. However, the people seems to care less. The adults sit outside on the ground right outside feet away from the roads. The kids still run around in the dusty city with very dirty cloths on. They are friendly, easy-going, unpretentious, and blessed after all.

"All is nothing, and nothing is all" I am starting to understand why my parents always tell me to own less and contribute more no matter how much this materialistic world is bringing us.

I didn't bring much makeup thus I look like shit in most of the pictures. This would be a good time to crop my pictures to gloat if you are a hater wtf. I don't bother to edit them. I could care less, because I was so into the moment, so into spending time with my folks who are just as blessed as the people in Nepal.


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