Dec 12, 2010

Donut Bun!

Haha at this point you're probably like "WTH is this!? Haha It's simply a hair tool that help create a donut shaped bun within seconds! Read on if you're interested!
The wire opens in middle made easy for bending. It is also covered by a sponge material so hair doesnt touch the wire directly for protection purposes.

There is also an instruction at the back of the packaging paper but since I bought it from Hong Kong, the language written is of course Chinese. But don't worry! I will show you how to do it step by step :)

So this is my hair in its original condition. Messy, right? 

The first step to tie a ponytail. It also determines where you want the center of the donut bun to be. As you can see, I want it to be in the middle on the back of my head (instead of having it really high up like some kawaii Japanese girls-_- which... I do not think I could pull off)

Then using the bend-ability, tug the entire ponytail into the middle hole of the tool and secure it all the way down to the roots of the ponytail.

Pull out the tool towards the ends of hair away from head. Feel free to do it with an upward or downward motion with whichever way that is more convenient.
When reaching the end of the hair, start curling inwards holding the sides of the tool. 

Roll it all the way down until it touches the head. Make sure that no space is left for curling.

Bend the tool centering the ponytail elastic. 

Try to overlap and make the ends of the tool touching each other. That way the bun will be more fastened. 

Due to the thickness of hair and bend-ability of the tool, hair bun will appear to be a perfect round shape.  At this time we can start adjusting the hair to hide the opening of the tool.

Swirl all the 'leftover' hair into the bun and WALAA you're done!

what it looks like from the side.

and of course feel free to put anything on with it.

So easy! As you all know I suck at hair styling. I don't really do anything to my hair besides making it into a ponytail but NOW I know something cool lmao! My mom asked me where'd I find this thing when she first saw me make it. I told her I didn't find it from our house in Hong Kong and I bought it from some random Asian hair accessary store. She told me this was a tool all the moms used on their kids back then. Apparently this is something that was very trendy back in the early 90's LOL

yay retro is the newest trend, baby! 

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