Dec 3, 2010

I Love Your Blog Tag

I am so excited at the moment because I got tagged as I was reading Elisa's blog. I always think these tagging games are such a good way to know more about our blogger friends / world haha so lets get started right away.

1. Why did you create this blog? 
I started creating this blog because I was sick of my xanga ( I am sure a lot of you had it.. don't even deny lol) and wanted to separate my private blog from a public website. I (finally) noticed I have been buying so much stuff that I might as well write about them. As time goes on I got more feedback and supportive comments through you, my blogger fellows, I manage to stay motivated and keep on writing :) *Thank you all!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow a bunch of different blogs - cosmetics-, skincare- related. I simply follow to blogs I think are special.

3. Favourite makeup brand? 
CHANEL? I don't really have an absolute Favourite atm but have bought most stuff from Chanel for this winter.

4. Favourite clothing brand?
Hands down FREE PEOPLE and maybe Miss Sixty.

5. Your indespensible makeup product: 

I will have to follow Eliza's answer and make mine BB Cream also... haha no creativity or whatsoever :P

6. Your favourite colour: 

7. Your perfume: 

Tough question! Chloe's Eau de Parfum Spray and Versace's Bright Crystal are the ones I use the most atm. Also using Gucci's Envy Me when I am traveling.

8. Your favourite film: 

The Chronicales of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader at this moment because just saw it yesterday in 3D and really liked it :)

9. What country would you like to visit and why? 
Greece. White houses and green ocean. What more to ask for?

10. Make the last question yourself and answer:

What am I grateful for? 
Having such supportive parents who guild me through life so positively and let me see this amazing world, having such wonderful friends who are always here for me, having such wonderful learning and working opportunities to make myself better a human being, having such humble soul to appreciate what I have to not take anything for granted.

***Rules: Answer 10 questions and Tag 10 bloggers and I am tagging Edwina, Cathy, Mishi, Cecilia, Riya, Sharon, Heart of Pearl, Renee, Angie, Mooshi I wanted to tag everyone but I also had to follow the rule. Feel free to do this tag if you are interested tho :)

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